public enum PixelFormat

Pixel formats used by Cogl.

For the formats with a byte per component, the order of the components specify the order in increasing memory addresses. So for example cogl_pixel_format_rgb_888 would have the red component in the lowest address, green in the next address and blue after that regardless of the endianness of the system.

For the formats with non byte aligned components the component order specifies the order within a 16-bit or 32-bit number from most significant bit to least significant. So for cogl_pixel_format_rgb_565, the red component would be in bits 11-15, the green component would be in 6-11 and the blue component would be in 1-5. Therefore the order in memory depends on the endianness of the system.

When uploading a texture cogl_pixel_format_any can be used as the internal format. Cogl will try to pick the best format to use internally and convert the texture data if necessary.

Namespace: Cogl
Package: doc


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