public enum SystemError

Error enumeration for Cogl

The COGL_SYSTEM_ERROR_UNSUPPORTED error can be thrown for a variety of reasons. For example:

<itemizedlist> <listitem><para>You've tried to use a feature that is not advertised by has_feature. This could happen if you create a 2d texture with a non-power-of-two size when cogl_feature_id_texture_npot is not advertised.</para></listitem> < listitem><para>The GPU can not handle the configuration you have requested. An example might be if you try to use too many texture layers in a single Pipeline</para></listitem> <listitem>< para>The driver does not support some configuration.</para></listiem> </itemizedlist>

Currently this is only used by Cogl API marked as experimental so this enum should also be considered experimental.

Namespace: Cogl
Package: doc


Enum values: