public void set_resizable (Bool resizable)

Lets you request Cogl to mark an this framebuffer as resizable or not.

By default, if possible, a this will be created by Cogl as non resizable, but it is not guaranteed that this is always possible for all window systems.

<note>Cogl does not know whether marking the this framebuffer is truly meaningful for your current window system (consider applications being run fullscreen on a phone or TV) so this function may not have any useful effect. If you are running on a multi windowing system such as X11 or Win32 or OSX then Cogl will request to the window system that users be allowed to resize the this, although it's still possible that some other window management policy will block this possibility.</note>

<note>Whenever an this framebuffer is resized the viewport will be automatically updated to match the new size of the framebuffer with an origin of (0,0). If your application needs more specialized control of the viewport it will need to register a resize handler using add_resize_callback so that it can track when the viewport has been changed automatically.</note>



A Onscreen framebuffer